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It houses the largest private collection I know of around here. And the El Greco downstairs in the old section of the house is breathtaking! If you are in DC, go here! Period!

I'm giving this business 5 stars based solely on the President (no not that President! The president of Capitol Concierge, silly!)FULL DISCLOSURE: I have.

Climb up these steps and take in the view of the mall all the way down to the Capitol Building. Great place, can get very crowded anytime of the year. If you look up at the sky you can see planes arriving into or departing Natioonal Airport. Don't miss this!

My father dragged me through this museum which would have been much more fun had he not had to stop and tell me the anatomy of the specimen being exibited.

Great place to hang out do some shopping and eating.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've been aboard this bus 3 times in the past year. Yeah, that's right.3. The first time was on the very last day.

Check out the great jazz series stating end of June and all of July

Newly renovated wi-fi compatible. The government spares no expense. The courtyard is awesome and loads of fun for the whole family.

After numerous visits I have yet to be disapointed with the talent providing outstanding performances on stage. The venue seems to be getting a bit more traffic these days, which can only be good for this organization and for the state of jazz in DC. Being able to bring in your own bottle of

Five stars because this was seemingly the ONLY place in D.C. carrying reindeer antlers when I needed them the most. I was going to a holiday party on.

A symphony in colour and corresponding architecture will guide you through this expansive museum. The Dutch artists on display transformed my understanding of art thus far. I am amazed by the Galleries offerings, and have come to the conclusion that this is THE gallery to which my donations

The Spy Museum was interesting but didn't take the intrigue to the next level. Becoming an agent was fun but should of made you have to use your imagination to find clues or find a secret mission or special code. That would of been fun, but due to timeline with so many visitors maybe these

This is great art and when I received my 8x11 painting from Creative Dimensions by LaRana it was on a nice canvas that I have in my offfice instead of the actual picture. They were very punctually with the delivery and customer service also. I haven't bought a type yet but I intend to do so.

Take the free Tower Tour for the best view of the entire city! Not to be missed!

Awesome place to take kids too. Many wonderful things to see. recontructed Dinosaur bones and many other cool things. definetly have to see atleast once.

DJ Dario is very professional and personable. DJ Dario made my special birthday so wonderfully memorable.my family and friends are still talking about the Sizzling Salsa music and dancing.

A nice quiet park rests between the Washington Channel and the Potomac River. It's great for biking, hiking, fishing, and golf. The Awakening statue will not be here long as it is set to move to the National Harbor. Come enjoy while it lasts.

The park is pleasant and presents great views of downtown Washington. Summer time is the best time to take an evening stroll through the park and smell the aroma arising from the various flowers that are in bloom.

I found the zoo to be very inviting. a little hard to get to but it was nice. my kids and i had a wonderful time. the animals were pretty easy to see and the cages seems to be big enough to hold the animal confortably. heck, they are in a zoo, and you are in DC. it was a good visit and we hope

The performances are great. The restuarant on the roof top is aweful. It is overpriced with not much of a selection and no flavor. There was also a funky smell in the dining area. Will never eat there again.

This is where all the money is printed. it is very cool to see sheets and sheets of money. you get to see a huge stack of money and they have shredded money you can buy which is a fun souvenior.

I'm not sure if they let visitors into the gallery anymore. I would imagine that after 9/11, this would be something they would have closed. I hope they at least have a viewing area with TV cameras or something. I love watching our government in action (for better or for worse). And it's very