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I was so happy with my DJ, the music and the lighting. Definitely do it!

My encounter with Hoilday Trav-l Park was very disapponting. Due to the fact my reservation package included free parking on the beach. On two diffrent occasions we went to use the parking only to find it was full, there for I was not able to utlize the free parking and had to encouer an additonal

Have been to the Naro several times. A prisoner of my pretty lady. The movies are there because no one in their right mind would show them. Poor quality, second-rate, and off (really off) Hollywood. At least the popcorn is cheap.

We've used this site annually for our 6th - 12th grade Back to School event and have had a great time!

I can't rave enough about this studio. The end-of-year show is grand and the staff is energetic and professonal. Classes combine the right amount of technique and fun to hook young dancers, and Tracy Crouch may be the best tap instructor in the state - her HUGE population of adult tappers is

I am surprised with all the bad reviews. I went there couple months ago on a Sunday evening and was treated very well by all staff. The doctor was very nice and listened well. I was there no more than an hour from intake to checkout. I left with a prescription and felt I received a competent

This is the best band in all of the Hampton Roads area! Do NOT miss 1 show. They are top professionals and perform awesome music! They are funny too! Go to a show!

Does this place have a history or what? Well, okay, maybe only in my life but a little known fact is that this is the location where Bubbachuck, AKA, Allen.

We've used Jan Davis Entertainment for the last 5 years for all of our corporate events. Jan and her staff are absolutely the most professional, responsible, and consciences company that we have ever worked with. Their creativity and ability to make things happen is astounding. You'll never

My 17 year old daughter underwent back fusion surgery at Maryview this past Monday. I was amazed at the excellent service she received from the moment we arrived until her discharge. The nursing and administrative staff at Maryview were a God send. Everyone went out of their way to show her

I love Suffolk,VA in general but Obici helped me bring my son into this world. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or hospital. The doctors offices are very friendly as well. Great city, great hospital, great people!

Have played here -8 times. The layout is nice, and forces some long tee shots, some shaped tee shots and some well placed tee shots if you want to go low. However, you can get more for your money almost anywhere else. I have never finished a round in under 5 hours on weekend. Earlier this summer

We thought because the price was so low that the service would not be so great but were we wrong he kept the party going the whole time Thanks Again -Thomas-

I was throwing a birthday party for my son and needed a moonbounce. I found them online and am so lucky I did! They have a ton of rentals for parties at.

Chuck-E-Cheese's - where a kid can be a kid. and an adult can act like one.This location has been around for awhile. I loved Chuck-E-Cheese as a kid,.

Well they have really improved the place. It keeps getting better and better. They keep a fresh mix of video games there and they now have multiple air.

I go here for the batting cages. Despite the long closure during the winter, it's pretty well maintained when it's open. They also have a driving range.

R C's is off the chain. Lots of sexy dancers, even waitresses and bartenders are hot! Its one of the cleanest clubs in town. If you want a nice place to chill and have a good time you should check them out.

I really like that the concession stand is just as affordable as the movie. the staff seems very friendly and we enjoy ourselves every time we go to a movie there, and the 4 of us don't break the bank going every friday! it's an older theater, just know that going in.

I really enjoy the services I have been using it for 5 years now and been seeing the same escort name Harlow he is very sweet and nice he knows how to make me feel good. others hes special and harmless

Hey, Majik city is the place to be. JB's and Headlights bite. Majik city girls are very friendly, including the girls at the bar. I can't get enough. you know what they say. darker the berry the sweeter the cherry. sincerly

When I went there the service was not good. The front counter was very helpful and got us all set up at our lanes. But the snack bar was horrible (sorry Kyle)! We ordered a pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of soda from the waitress. Well we ended up having to go to the snack bar to get a cup of

Although you can get real close to girl by standing at the end of the stage, there were only 4 girls-three very attractive but only 2 danced topless. There was no AC and the I didn't find it welcoming. Additionally, there are NO private rooms and lapdance was sitting in a chair on the side

I had expected so so food because of our experiences in other tourist places where fine meals are promised on tour boats and stuff equivalent to TV dinners is the reality. But the Dandy serves wonderful,gourmet food. The menu is creative, the food very finely prepared and served. Add to that

One of my daughters won 4 free passes so we decided to check it out one day. At $8.00 a game for non members I don't think we'll visit very often. It's.

This review is for the IMAX theatre inside the air and space center. I came here to see The Dark Knight in IMAX and was pretty pleased overall. The IMAX.

I am not a big fan of Chuck E Cheese in any city. I have been to several locations across the US and this is one of the better ones. Obviously Saturdays are.

Party City is my go-to place for all things party related and EVERY year, come Halloween, it's also my costume savior shop. Halloween is basically my.

Planning a themed party? You need no other stop. Well, except for perhaps Michaels.The patriotic section here provided ample furnishings for decking out.

Not a bad place for the price. Of course prices depend on the time you go like every bowling alley. Still a much better price than any AMF. The lanes could use some work but over all pretty good.

Moody was really great! He worked with to make my wedding reception perfect.If i were to get married angain i would use mobile dj service without hesitation! Thanks so much. p.s. the price was fantastic too!

They dont cater to Local bands with Natioal attn: havent heard from them as boking agent was Ignored. Took my Bookings to Austin TX & Hollywood, Ca.Stop by visit me when in Gatlinburg, Tn.or Richmond,Va.

When I got engaged, I knew I'd need an event planner for day-of-coordination, if not more services, due to my demanding work schedule and our church's lack.

This seems to be the only location near where I live in Arlington. I went here with my 4 year old for a birthday party. I would probably never go if it.

Ok - this place is sort of dank and stanky when you go into the basement. There is a grumpy dude at the front who runs the register. However, don't let it.

Choice between the KOA or the Holiday Trav-L-Park? I have a 30ft. motorhome, so I wanted a campground that had shuttle service to the beach and they both have that. I didn't make reservations, so after the long drive from NJ, I came across the KOA 1st & just drove in. The staff were very helpful

My husband and I head to this spot whenever we can get a night out. The staff is very friendly - we've never talked to a single performer we didn't like. The crowd is always fun to hang out with. Even the food is great! Go early and pitchers are only $6. This place is definitely worth going

Just like Color Me Mine except slightly smaller, with slightly more limited selection, and you can do mosaics. Definitely get the first-time studio fee.

Enjoyment Beyond Measure: I recently was able to drag my step-mom and dad out to the Clark Planetarium. Now, as they are both getting advanced in years, they rarely leave the house. Dad leaves the house one time each month, and that is that. We maybe get out to the occasional movie (last one

If you are looking for party planning for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Something Elegant can help you out! Shannon Pollard is the owner of.

The Jumpin Monkey is the Best place ever my kids wake up crying to go to the Jumpin Monkey. I find the place to be very clean. I always see the girls cleaning all the equipment. I am very impressed with the large amount of children they have a day how wonderful it looks, The staff is very frienly

I have visited several times and everyone is great. They will spend time with you and/or help with a lookup. I have never met a more inviting place to visit. Thanks to everyone there. Elisa Barnes-Shizak

The event the person underneath is talking about would be the Opening at the Sandler Center. The problem with her review is that the balloon people there where not part of A-1 Party Artists. The Face Painting was done by A-1 PARTY ARTISTS. She should call the Sandler Center herself and find

As a Wedding Planner I can Honestly say that Fantasia Sound DJs are the Best in Richmond! Fantastic Customer Service. Awesome Music, Equipment & Entertainment.

Horrible show for my kids.overpriced magic show.his lines were lame and the kids figured out most of his tricks.not professional at all! Stay away!

Last year he was fun and he's great with toodlers. the adults even had a good time with the bolloons.

The Camping Party provides food and fun at a affordable price.

I loved this place! When I walked in they were shooting their commercial for tv and for the inconvenience the owner gave me a discounted price on the.

They delivered, showed us how to use machine, set up moonwalk, and when party was over they broke everything down and everything was flawless! Thank you so much. The kids at the picnic just loved it! Will definately use them again.

Lots of exhibits interesting to kids age 10 and under. My son enjoyed the exibit on electricity and how power is made. It's not enormous, not an all-day.