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I had a great experience with this company. The inflatable we rented was very clean and they delivered on time.

I had a few shows in the past with you guys, and i just wanted to say that you guys are AMAZING! The kids love the shows so much! I will definitely use you in future.


FUN FUN FUN! We hired them for our 50th anniversary. Everyone had a great time.

The Lion King was performed at the University of Texas Performance Arts Center. The orchestra was just right, not too loud and not too obtrusive. The animals came out into the audience and we even had a bird swoop about 2 feet about our heads. My seven year old enjoyed it greatly. Even though

45 minutes of pure bliss. $5.50 for one adult and one child ticket

You Rock Mr. Z-Z. WE had a blast with my son's Birthday Party, You made the party for him and his freinds, We will be calling you again next year, Your cool magic trcks are great.

Great family fun. Sometimes the prices are high. If you call, sometimes they run specials. Great Clean environment, friendly and helpful staff. A place that is fun for the whole family with arcades, snacks and I believe if you want to drink, they have that as well.

Family Fun IF your lane equipment is operating correctly. Took the family for a day of bowling fun when we immediately started experiencing rack issues - rack would not operate on its own and required manual racking every other frame. After approximately 1.5 games, we just gave up when the

Great company! I've used them a couple of times. Very Professional! Accommodating! Awesome song selections! What more can I say.

This was the best birthday party my son ever had. The games were great and the employees were so nice. It was a very festive atmosphere. We brought in a cooler of drinks and cake. It was nice not to have to buy overpriced food. Not only was our party fun but we didn't have to spend a fortune.

Brought me back to my old army days. The guns felt real and the missions were intense. You have to work together to complete the mission. That's what it was all about. I cannot believe that Lubbock had something this fun!

I've been in Laredo, TX for 12 years and I been to Jett Bowl on Gale St. over 150 times consuming over $40.00 visit. So much to my surprise is that Mr. Vela has employees with little judgment. On April 19, 2008 my 12 year old daughtrer had a basketball game at a recreation center 2 blocks south

They helped me. But the person starting an IV tried 3 times and said something is wrong with me. Another person came in and started one the first time. (I have blood taken every 3 months at my regular Dr. Nothing wrong with me). Not particularly clean. bathrooms dirty. They took chest x-rays

This place is ok.but they say its Texas' greatest amusement park.its not. haha. its fun if you cant go outta town for fun.

I love going to the Stillman house and hearing the stories of how Brownsville first came to be. I wish Brownsville had more historical home to tour. I love it's rich history, too bad more historic homes aren't available for viewing and history telling.

I went to a friends party and lu lu was there. i could not stop laughing and i am 35 years old.I am having a birthday party for my grandson and i would love if she could make it.

Had a great time. They have Ripley's and the Wax Museum all in one. It was a bit expensive but other than that we had a great time.

Okay.she's turning 12 years old. I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday party. Her response.I want to do laser tag and I want to invite.

Email address: lonestarphotobooth@gmail.com We saw this at a wedding reception last week and loved it!The photo booth was set up at the wedding.

Right now the lane are in bad shape. The computers are outdated, and the ball returns are something to be desired. However, they will be installing new synthetic lanes at the end of the month (badly needed). This will improve the look and bowlability of the lanes. Next they need to make it

This hospital is a rip-off. I took my 4 yr.old in with a fever of 106.2, spent 8 1/2 hrs.there and was told she had a common cold. They billed me $1010.00 for the visit and that is with insurance. I also went to the E.R. with half of my face numb, spent 8 hours there and was told that they

If you're gonna have any kind of theme party they've got everything you need! From balloons, table covers, party favors, catering needs, candy, costumes,.

The best place to do Karaoke in Killeen, Tx.

Castaway Cove is an excellent water park. I have only been there twice, and both times my kids and myself have had so much fun. The water is clean, the staff is awesome and it has never been really packed where everyone can enjoy themselves. They have the Lazy River, Wave Pool, 4 slides, and

DJ Street DJ'ed one of my parties and he was great. He actually played music that was up to date, and he went over what he was going to play before with me.

Please, thank you, your welcome, I'm sorry, and I appologize. These phrases are not included in the AMF managers training brochure!

Bodi Muzic is a band that can play all types of music. I had listen to the band at a networking party and They were very professional and very entertaining. The song selections reflected the 70's thur the present. The lead singer has a wonderful strong voice and can bring the songs to another

Kim is THE best face painter I have ever seen! She is extremely talented and so good with the children! She is a true artist! I will definitely use her again!

I have a daughter that just turned nine, and her special birthday wish was to ride in a limo. Yeah, right I thought!One night while out in Sugar Land, I.

Overpriced. Its almost $13/person per hour to bowl so you basically get about 2 games if you bowl fast. The arcade is interesting but the space could be used for something else. Laser Tag is fun.

A small museum right out of a bigger city! Michelson's art is quite interesting, but the museum's collections were impressive, interesting, and provacative for a small museum in a no-where town. If you haven't been, definitely go.

The view is spectacular. The food was over-priced and very average.but I recommend everyone should go at least once for the experience. Loved the view from the elevator.

I bought 10 rounds for $60 how do you beat that? I think for 250 you can play all year. if you are used to augusta then the greens might be a little ruff. Its a great crowd without any golf snobs. great par 3 9 hole, lots of water, hills, sand and ducks. If you know of a better place please

Great service and great products. Friendly people to deal with and at a reasonable price! Thanks a bunch for the slides on 4/13/08. They were a hit, and you may get some business from a few of the guests!

I wish i knew what happened it was a great time. Me and my wife went ($10 each) got a really good all you can eat buffet and a cruse out into the ocean sitting outside enjoying the vew. Played nickle slots and had free beer and mixed drinks losing about $10 between us. what a deal $30 all you

Imagine sitting at the edge of the water looking at a beautiful Rockport sunset or the joy of seeing a flock of white pelicans or even watching a shrimp boat returning to port. What a great opportunity to see artists' works that portray those sights and images on canvas all under one roof.

I totally agree, I visited this place for the first time and was treated almost raceist. I was in line to pay for a lane and was skipped not only once but twice, until I demanded for the owner to tell me why he would do that. He said he did not see me or my almost 6ft husband! give me a break.

Best Saturday night out in a long time. I live in Conroe, Tx. I've been to Wylie Opry twice to see my brother C.B.Luce, of course I really enjoyed him. But all the rest of the preformers were great also. I wish Conroe would get something started like the Wylie Opry. I'll be back again, keep

My nurse candace she was a little blond nurse she was just terrific.she made myself and family feel at ease with everything that was happening. I cant thank her enough

I hired Jingles the Clown for my son's birthday party. She played lot's of games with the children and kept them entertained. I think she did a great job.

The Palms at Mid Valley.absolutely the best course i have played at since I have gotten into this game. The service is also great. All employees and staff are just so friendly and there when you need assistance. I recommend this golf course to anyone who wants to have a good time.

My 3 year old daughter wanted Barney for her B-day and I just couldn't find one identical or even close enough I was buying a pinata for my daughter on that very day.Very disapointed in myseld that I couldn't grant her wish I saw a flyer at the register WOW very impressed, BARNEY I called right

Just joined a bowling team with work. We went to practice there the other night. Great place and the food is pretty good! :)

Is no longer a open as a theater. Sad cause it was a very nice place to go. I thought it was going to be kept open as a historical spot. Guess not.

Went to a concert, i would say most awful sounding symphony i have ever heard, conductor and symphony were not together in tune. Need alot of more practice to be even called a professional symphony. Rick

I've seen this guy play at the Flying Saucer. He is one of the best entertainers I've ever seen. If you haven't seen one of his shows you're missing out on the next Big Thing! From Journey's Any Way You Want It to Fuel's Hemorage In My Hands he captivates his audience. Note for note chord for

Great golf course! Have played there several times and the grounds are in great shape (better than most of the golf courses in North Dallas). The carr girl was beautitful and the pro was very helpful and freindly. WILL COME BACK THANKS!

Fun new concept in party entertainment! A+++++++++

I went to the ER last night for a migraine headache. My blood pressure and temp was taken, they called Dr. Sha and he tried to give me a medicine that I was already taking to prevent migraines and then I was sent home. I never saw the dr. I did not leave with any medications nor was anything