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Part gallery, part museum, and part theatre, the 3D Center has a little bit of everything stereoscopic. It's run by volunteers who are 3D enthusiasts, and you can even sign up for classes that teach 3D techniques. The only place in the country dedicated entirely to 3D imagery. Limited hours,

I been there at the place this year many times,and I can tell you the is a nice place to hang out and have fun especially whit the kareoke, nice people and a really nice atmosphere I just have two places where I go out to have a good time in salem and Holland's is one of them, I really recomend

A relaxed atmosphere. Employees were very helpful, informative and friendly. A great experience!

I have visited Golden Crown many times; the food is always excellent. You really get a lot for the money, we always go home with a ton of food. The waitresses are on top of making sure your drinks are filled and getting you anything you need. They aren't ones to bother you after you get your

Good crew they have there (well most of them, there will be some retards as for any other establishment/store). Cheap balloons ( but they are smaller than.

Most of the proformers are hot (80% are 9's or 10's). Place seems a bit run down, but not too bad.

THIS STORE ROCKS. For your basic bedroom erotica. The toy and movie collection is pimpin. The outfits are cute as hell. They are reasonably priced and the staff is way polite. The game selection could use some work though.

Mostly all teenagers. Not the kind of place to go hang out unless you are bowling. Not a very good set up for playing pool.

I enjoyed my visit to this place. They had great displays, and the guides were friendly. I'd recommend it to a friend.

Ok, its been a while since I was a patient at this hospital, I was admitted back in 2001 of Nov. I was a patient for 17 days. During tha tme, I had to undergo two separate operations. I found the nursing staff, dietary, and physical therapist, all wonderful to me and very watchful over me.

Conviniet movie theater easy to get in and out great suvice


I think we are so blessed in this little town to have first run movies and I think Stu does an awesome job. Keeps he local kids employed too!

We just got back from the Faerieworlds festival at this winery and we loved it! It's a lovely place with a natural setting and is easy to find as the.

Beautiful location, delicious wine, not too many to choose from, but good quality of the ones available.

Havent been here in a while, but when its open, its fun. i used to like to get married at 4 am when it was 24 hrs.a must for campy elvis enthusiasts everywhere.

4 for huge selections of party paraphernalias. almost 5 but not quite. the surrounding area looks dingy and trashy. but the inside of the store is ok.

Like Cody said, this place would only fly in a place like Eugene (Berkeley would love it I am sure.).This is a great place to get unique posters for.

WOW, How fun, yes it isn't very modern and sometimes you have to find a tv tray but bring your kids, whats a movie eat some of the best pizza around and enjoy yourself. The y have couches to eat your pizza. anyways.the staff are extremely friendly.lil heavy with the tattoo's but great guy

Location has moved to Hwy 99, just north of LBCC.

Nice little shop tucked away fromt he main traffic. good prices on movies.and if your feeling overwhelmed with horniness you can always grab a booth and get off to a xxx'er anytime. :) They also provide a video arcade. Once a month or so they have porn stars that come to visit and do pics with

I'm not a bowler, but when I go to the lanes, my inner Lebowski comes out.We went for the Cosmic Bowling, and it was pretty fun. The whole place turns.

Party time. Excellent.Over the past six years, I've been to Safari Sam's for at least a dozen birthday parties and hosted one there myself. Funny to hear.

For breakfast, the French Toast is a must! So delicious. Salads are tasty, burgers are great. I've only been here for breakfast and lunch. Service can be.

Great selection, and an amazing balloon selection, but above all, GREAT customer service. I have been here 3 times in the past 2 weeks, I know, I know, most.

She is very vibrant and creative with the songs that are custom tailored to the person whom the song is for (especially if given a couple weeks advance notice.) We have used this service for 3 birthdays now and look foward to many more. The birthday people enjoy being able to take their song

I had the time ever ther. I will come back soon. me and my big might come on monday. by!

I like this place! I had a regular pool hall back in CA that my friends and I used to go to, and this kind of reminds me of it. Laid-back with good.

Hello i live in monmouth oregon im looking to start my own business and im going to visit your store

I like the sexy ladies.Very pretty.Layout of club was ok.Parking was ok.I would go back again.

All the girls are hot and the are all friendly. it is the best on I have ever been to and they have good price on their drinks.

I've visited the Decorette Shop to fulfill the following needs: - food coloring for the roommate's Easter Egg Decorating Contest- sugar flowers for the.

My boyfriend and I got a bit tipsy bar-hopping in Portland and I ended up suggesting we go to a strip club. We ended up here at the Cabaret and had a great time! The ladies are beautiful and really nice. It was sooooo much fun!

Spent many a night here. Down to earth art cinema that does a great job keeping independent film vibrant in Eugene. I just love this place. I've seen so many great movies here it's rediculous.

This recently renovated park gives fans the opportunity to sit fairly close to the action. All the seats in the park have a decent view of the field and even though it is only triple-A ball, the games can get pretty exciting. The park itself is still in the city so it's easily accessible by

Wow this place is great. The DJ is totally cool. The Bar Keep is a HOTTIE! And the dancers really are enjoying themselves. Best Lap Dance I ever had from a lovely black woman named Entice. And yes she was very Enticing (sorry, couldn't let it go, Lol). I really enjoyed this place. I feel safe

Vault is the only full service Model and Artist Management in Portland. Amazing coming with great connections.

HL has a staggeringly thorough selection of lighting services and rentals. For my clients who want to do it themselves (or have me slave away crawling on.

I went to the pittock mansion this weekend and for all the tourist and locals that have never been there before, should check this place out. it's VERY BEAUTIFUL! i could not believe my eyes when i saw the staircase inside that place. it's a turn of the century mansion with many many incredible

Maestro Stefan Minde is a world-class conductor whose European charm and graceful conducting are surpassed possibly only by the tenderness and and esteem his orchestra has for him. This former artistic director of the Portland Opera conducts with grace, intelligence and regard for not only

We have been here a few times, just on the fluke that we were in the neighborhood and decided to walk around for a bit. Each time has been with our youngest (4yrs). It's always a blast to take a ride on the ferris wheel just for the sake of being there. This park has a small town feel and is

Fantastic public Library, enormous and comfortable. If I am unable to find a book I can place a reservation for it and they will notify me by email when it is in for me to check out. I love the self check-out system with my library card.

FROM WHAT I SAW ON OPB - PBS TV for OREGON, this place has the most perfect maple skating rink there ever is. PLUS a Mighty Whirlitzer Pipe Organ sometimes played live. Oooooo (call first to c about live music times.)

This is the perfect place for kids of all ages (that includes parents) to have a blast playing with science! They have everything for everyone, including a special play area for toddlers. If you're in Portland OMSI is a must do!

The view from Powell Butte features St. Helens to the North and Mt. Hood to the East. It is a truly awesome panorama. If you visit in summer to fall, be sure to bring plenty of bags to hold blueberries in! The park features acres of wild blueberry bushes, which is home to many critters and

Wonderful children's birthday party entertainer.

Awesome roses, beautiful portrait captures. Go in spring when the flowers are just blooming!

Seasoned pro - that's Cindy. I hired her for the full package and she certainly delivered. She was forever patient and full of suggestions. I was a bit.

These guys are the best. I will use them for any other parties that I am planning. We got a great deal on a clown and a party bouncer for our son's 5th birthday. These guys had such a huge selection and were flexible with us when we were planning. They also had the best pricing around, and

Very well received by everyone. Face painting was superb! Even many adults wanted faces painted. Magic show was entertaining. Peppermint included all the children in the act and made them feel special. She thinks fast and adapts to change. She is gentle with children and honors them. Great