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Very nice and well kept course. Fun with some challenge.

I give you 5 stars you were wonderful. Seen you at a birthday party in Fairbury Ne. You were great the way you get kid and adults involved.Thanks for a great show!

We only go when we have free passes because it's a nice nature walk but not really anything spectacular. It's a nice walk though

Upper deck is a good place to go as a matter of fact i miss it so much im stuck in germany were i am stationed in the army but every time i come home to visit friends i always go to the upper deck its a good place to relax, play some pool and get drunk and sing bad karaoke better than any bar

Its not that bad but when you work there you really see the ugly part of it lol. but everything is good the people are nice the only thing i have conserns about is there food its not all that great I guess thats why its a 2 star resterant and a 5 star hotel lol.

Not only does he have the best song selection around, he's friendly and entertaining.

We had a family reunion with 8 full cabins with varying age groups so it was great to have seperate cabins for younger ones to take a rest. We could all get together at one of the pavillions. Having the kitchens helped on food costs. The putt-putt course was fun and our kids loved the water

Adam is not only amazingly talented, he is a true entertainer. He is professional and fun. I highly recommend his service for an entertainment experience that is tough to beat!

This is one of the funnest catalogs EVER. Go-to place for holidays, birthday parties and classroom shopping. Great selection especially for buying knick.


The family and I go to this theater all the time! We were just informed this past weekend that as of Aug. 1st 2008 they will no longer be giving the military discount to the dependents. It will be the enlisted person ONLY. That was quite the blow to us, my husband was quite upset since everyone

The Joslyn is a lovely building with beautiful artwork. Free on Saturday mornings too!

I'd give them 5 stars but have REALLY found the service to be lacking, EVERY time I have been in. I suppose, if you are really good, and really popular,.

This place is one of my favorite places to go when I am downtown,It has cobble stone streets,assortments of foods,gifts,clothing stores,music,art,horse drawn carriages and so much to see.It has that old home town feeling and people are really nice,with smiles (not plastered on)and friendly.I

Fun place to take an older child. I first came here with my Little Sister. She was probably about 11 and we had a great time painting pieces. The.

Rich Nebraska culture is here in historic Florence. Be sure to visit the cemetary too

My boys who are 2 and 4 yrs old love the Children's Museum. That's the 1st thing that comes to their minds when we are looking for something to do.

Allen is very good at what he does. He is extremely entertaining. I booked him for my daughter's birthday party, and not only did he keep the children entertained, he kept the adults entertained as well! His balloon art is very creative. He can do something for everyone and they all get to

If you are in the Old Market area this summer, definitely take a walk down to this park, and walk close enough to the fountain to feel the spray. On a hot day, this is cheap fun. Occasionally they will offer boat rides around the fountain for 25 cents (at least I hope they still do.since I

I really dislike this kind of place.Having three kids I get enough of the screaming kid deal at home.That said, I went here with my two boys after one.

Great place to take your kids my sons love it and my husband lol

Made our event one to be remembered forever! Look forward to using them again in the future!

The best course in omaha pound for pound and if you dont agree its because u cant handle these greens and so you dont like the course. this course is my favorite because it challenges every part of your game