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Really wonderful collection. The new wing will grow on me but the collection is really world class.

The Hyatt Regency is not at all what I expected. Its supposed to be a 4 star hotel. It has 4 star prices but when we were there in the hallways sat dirty room service dishes for 24 hours at one room in a main hallway. The wait to check in was 20 minutes. Once I got up to my spot they informed

Rivercut is a nice, challenging course. A scaled down links course with an ample supply of bunkers, water, and rough. Not the best course to start the year off with if you have a high handicap. Surroundings are ample and it is a short drive outside of Springfield to Rivercut. Overall, not your

Oh man the clowns was so so funny i luv them. hope too see u again soon some people can't take a joke i wish i knew where they was next.laughing is good 4 the body

I try to go every weekend, it helps even more when I win tickets from Y107!

I have been eating at this little Italian gem for over 10 years. It is a legendary St. Louis establishment with authentic thin crust pizza, amazing.

This is the place you need to go to if you want to see a movie just before it comes out. I remember going to go see Men in Black ll just the day before it cam out over there. So if all your friends have seen the movie and it's close to comming out just go to Ramada 4 and maybe it will be there.

I went to this drive in several years ago when I lived in Springfield and I LOVED it! I always tried to park in the front and lay out in the grass on a blanket and watch the movies. The price is great, the playground for the kids is like I remember when I was a kid, and the concession stand

Its a great park. The kids love it and so do the adults. The rides feel safe yet very fun. My personal favorite rides are wild fire and powder keg. My kids (ages 8-13) all love thunderation (a ride). Great times and good funnel cake too.

Been to clubs all over North America and Europe and rarely seen better-looking girls.

Can't wait until we go back. It has great volunteers and workers, I felt that we (everyone from our church) has had the best times there.

So glad this place still exists- we were here before and loved it, and then it's been sold and recently repurchased. it is going to be better than ever with a nice restaurant (under construction) the new owners are great- the animals are so loving and trusting, buy 8 bags of food to get you

This president of the United States home is located about 5 miles from where I live, he is what put our city on the map and made us what we are today,we need more presidents like Mr. Truman

Read your contract.and watch your hours. I tried to reserve a costume for 1 day. The day I reserved it (in October) their hours were longer, and they didn't point out that their hours would be changing when I went to pick up my costume so I may need to pick it up ahead of time. No refund given

This place was the best and the girls were very nice looking good selection no matter your type. During the day there is no cover charge. If you do go there ask for daisy she is real sweet the best looking and will show you a damn good time.

I haven't been there since it has new owners and I guess was remodeled is it any better now? Guess they still don't have Glory Holes do they? Does any one remember the Old Sunshine Arcade Video Store that used to set where X -Spot is now. That place had Glory Holes but was small and not as

This place is amazing my lil guy and nephew love even better then chucky cheeses we go atleast one day a month. the owner is very respectfull and nice he makes us want to always come back thank you bonkers for putting our kids first. jessica mother

Wow is right (that's their acronymn). It's gorgeous. People often get confused between Windows On Washington vs. Windows Off Washington, as do I. I prefer.

This is a nice, really large bowling alley. My league (yes, I'm on a league. Don't laugh.) bowls here and we've really enjoyed it. The service is great-.

The KC All Stars played my wedding last June at The Uptown Theater and they were by far the highlite of the night! I'm still getting calls from my friends asking who the band was - I don't want to tell them because I don't want everyone using them - but alas - I can't be a KC All Stars ball-hog.

We went to this last year. We didn't care much for it at all. If you have kids you better follow behind them in the mazes and not just watch them because they go in on one floor and end up a floor above you or across the room. It was really confusing and you keep looking for the fun stuff to

It was sooooooooo fun. I went there last month

This is the best place to watch (mainstream) films in Southwest Missouri. They offer stadium seating, world-class surround sound, great film projection and.

A fun place to hang out. Prices for bowling are cheap, and it's usually not crowded. They only have a few lanes, but they are in good condition. They have.

No matter if you just want to watch a movie about jazz or do some creating of your own, the American Jazz Museum is for you. It is mostly hands on with a lot of do-hickeys and knobs to play around with, but that is the fun of it. I hate taking my kids because I know we will be there all day

I would recommend Kiel at the Wheel Entertainment to anyone they were extremely proffessional our night could not have gone better.

We love this place! My two daughters and I go here a lot! It's a great value to buy the season pass. They are always changing exhibits so the kids never get bored. The volunteers and staff are the friendliest people around. It's a great place to take the family on a rainy or even a sunny day.

One of the best bowling alley's in the KC metro area!

My children love it. I enjoy taking them. It is a neat way to spend an afternoon. And, you get to take your art home with you.

This is a very nice and well focused company. Very eye catching, skilled talent. Also very professional in presence and running a company and business. And as the dance instructor at Moberly Gymnastics and Dance Academy I enjoy every visit to the Center.

It seems like whenever my friends and I used to go bowling we ended up at Tropicana. We have since broadened our horizons, but still come back here for the.

For a long time this has been my Go To store for all my event needs. They seem to really enjoy their work unlike another party store in town I know.

Loved the dancers in the Attic lounge! Beautiful! Big selection in the clothing store and loved all of the gadgets!(wink) Could do without the guys hanging around the Peep Shows.ugggg

Don't go by first impressions.Your first impression might be that this is strictly a kiddie place-somewhere to take the young'uns for a party, which.

This company decorated the place where we had the party for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. They specialize in chair covers, beautifully made covers.

Lanes are filthy. If you have your own ball, beware of chips and dirt. Facility is not very clean.

Dwayne is easy to work with, and he and the band made our night absolutely wonderful!

What a ton of fun Jump Mania is! My nephew, sister and I spent a couple of hours there and my nephew loved it. he can't wait to go back. Springfield.

This place blows. and not in a good way. There were a few really hot women but they played nothing but 60's music; which we love, but it sucks to strip to. Sucks even more to watch girls try to strip to it. $40 for the two of us to get in and get relentlessly hounded for private dances. We

I went to their Emergency Room this morning. Wow! Every one is so nice and friendly! They are very curtious, yet they quickly get their jobs done! And the Doctors, nurses, EVERYONE are very knowledgable! They treat you like FAMILY! THIS is THE PLACE to go for an Emergency!

Crestwood Bowl has been around for as long as I can remember. Young and old alike can be found having fun bowling here. I am particularly fond of the.

I like going here because it's totally outside and its in historic soulard, near downtown St. Louis.

My wife and I work very had during the week and we find that once in a while we like to just play just as hard. One of our favorite haunts in Legs in Knob Town on Hwy 350. The croud is friendly, the girls are sexy, the attitude is great and the enjoyment is worth the money.

I love you Chuck E cheese you keep my kids entertained when I have bills to do. But why the hell do you spend all this money on tokens and when your kids.

Somehow, Cooperstown and Canton don't measure up to this small treasure of national sports monuments.

Excellent place, not just for kids. Great food and not just pizza. They have a big salad bar and pasta as well as baked potatoes, green beans and more.

This has to be the numberone place to shop. they have traitional stores that everyone likes but they have high end stores also. it is my favorite place to shop. i LOVE IT!

Overall good. Like any other place. Just a nice place to go and hang out and enjoy people. Always wanted to go see what the big deal was. Reminds me of an Applebee's or Chili's. Nothing spectacular. Has some really nice music artifacts from the past, of course. Wanna try the one in Vegas.

From Hard Rock Cafe's fun atmosphere to Landry's Seafood House's Margaritaville surroundings - from Houlihan's excitement to Hooters BIG fun, no matter what you crave it's at Union Station. Inside the food court are about ten more nice eateries, including the Key West Cafe, our favorite bar

If you see 60 year-old women 'gettin' jiggy with it' to a singing balloon, you know you're in a good store for partying.PW is located over in Brookside.