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Highly Recommended.

Boston is dazzling at sunset. If you are a tourist, you should not miss the sights of Boston, Cambridge, and the Charles River. Awesomely gorgeous!

I love bringing my daughter here,I learn so much, things you never really take a second thought about, and now i have a 7 month old grandson who will be the next visitor, and im sure he will love it as much as we do,

BEST STRIP CLUB EVER CREATED! THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO! Its also the best bar in Springfield. A lot of ladies are in there too. 2 FLOORS!

We used Makin' Entertainment for our wedding day and they were awesome! Right from our first meeting with Mike D (our dj) We knew they were the best vendor we could've used. He knew how to get people up & involved by playing all the right music. Thanks again, to the staff at Makin' Entertainmet

Sorry Delayed in writing.I have to give JIM the BIG THUMBS UP! Jim did an event in my store in Cambridge and had the crowd (even the adults) roaring with.

It was allot of fun! The kids loved it. Look for coupons on their website.

I visited the Party Shop this afternoon for a very specific, hard to find item: a clear plastic ornate vintage looking candy dish. Sadly, this shop did.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like one of these fine folks?Gee, I'd love to make this Rubbermaid tub full of punch stay cold, but HOW? -.

Great place for the kids its so much fun! An indoor playground all year long.

Here's the deal - planning stuff sucks, and it often takes up WAY too much time. MyPunchbowl makes it all SO easy, and even better you come off looking.

I Love this Band! Always a great night out when we see the McMurphy's

This is a great place to bowl. There is a snack bar with great food, an event room with bar for parties or gatherings, a small arcade and a pro shop. The place is kept clean and the people are friendly. They also have leagues for all ages and skill levels.

It is certianly rare nowadays too find an art deco, non-profit cinema that has more cinematic activity than I can keep up with. This classic theater has it's hands in every genre from experimental cinema, student films, B-movies, filmic obsecurities, never-seen-before oddities, and vintage

So maybe it's a little out there rather than downtown or near the T. But this place is a great bowling alley. It reminds me of the kind I grew up going.

If you have children, you've probably heard of Chuck E. Cheese. This local is the nicest one I've found in our area. Its clean, well designed and never.

Dave is a retired elementary school teacher with 40 years experience.

I wavered between 3 and 4 stars here. The Pros is a company which offers photography, videography and disc jockey services for weddings. The system they.

Absolutely superb service. We couldn't wish for a better, professional, DJ service for any event

My wife and I were more than pleased with the linens and place settings we rented for our wedding. Our caterer recomended them and the customer service.

I just went there for a party with my daughter. I think that the idea of the indoor moon bouncer is a great idea. I just think they are over priced for what.

This is a great place to spend an afternoon. It's hosts interesting exhibits; just the right size; free admissions; free parking.

I went to the park on 7-18-08 and I was surprised to see the ridiculous bathing suit not a shirt rule. I had on a tank top bathing suit which cover most of my chest and in the 90 degree weather, the rent a cops told me I had to put a shirt on. As if that wasn't stupid enough, my 18 month old

If you don't have fun at Roller World you officially take yourself too seriously. Nothing beats walking into this place and realizing you actually have,.

J4F's lack of professionalism and organization by not completing the booking process for the Santa we requested at our company party sent parents home answer questions such as: if santa didn't come to the party, does that mean he's not coming for christmas too I would NOT recommned this company

Our Cub scout pack rented the whole Bowladrome for a Halloween Bowling event. They were wonderful, patient and very willing to let the boys have a great time. A fun time was had by all.

Heared this DJ Service at my cousins wedding, Great Job. Booked them in for my wedding Great Job Again. Pricing was under what I budgeted, Recommend, oh yeah! Great Mix of music with a fun personality.

A good place to take your family any day of the week. We've been comming here for 15 years and still love this place. Service is out of this world. Try it, you'll like it as well.

When I went there last week at 6:00 p.m., I saw a few people just sitting with their feet on the the tables. And when I asked them to get me a smaller size ball for my daughter, he huffed and rolled his eyes. If the attitude is like that all the time, I will not be returning there ever again.

Shobha Shastry is amazing. She runs and IS Alankar, and is completely, your safety net.She ran my wedding in July, she did all of the decor, she gave me.

Let J & J Music Productions give you the service and professionalism you need.

Went to Boston for the weekend and was referred to Warren Tavern by a local while we were walking the Freedom Trail. Of course, being in Boston - we wanted some Clam Chowder (or chowda if you're from the area) :) We went back for seconds a day later - it's a great little pub/restaurant - friendly

Expensive drinks but nice enviorment and fun to be at even if u are a straight woman he he

This is a great outlet mall, with loads of shops laid out in a compact format which makes shopping convenient and fun. A must-see if you live in Massachusetts!

I went to milky way for the first time last night and was annoyed at myself for not going earlier. getting to JP is kind of a bitch and a little ghetto at.

I just might get married to have the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS at Lake View. Best wedding I've been to in awhile. As maid of honor in a wedding this past.

If I never have to go to another Iparty - it wont be soon enough. 3 stars because it does have EVERYTHING you can think of for a party. I couldn't give.

Halloween time is madness for your store, we ALL know it. Its great how you have pictures on the wall of all costumes categorized by childrens, mens and.

Nice course but it does tend to get crowded

I love this place! I brought my wife with me on Friday night and we had a great time. Super atmosphere! Everyone was having a great time! The girls are beautiful! The drinks are NOT watered down! It was a great party. The staff was extremely polite and friendly to my wife.a big boner.I mean

In effect is the Williams College community theatre. Demonstrates very high artisitic values in its selection of movies including (but not only) films you would only see in NYC or college campuses. Can be counted on for having made a great choice even if the film's description leaves you cold.

Awesome bowling alley. Never to much oil, really good pin carry. The service was excellent and the food was good. It was a very friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Update: 5/12/2008 Mother's Day really is a big deal at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens and for good reason! My Mom had one of her best Mother's days with.

The Museum is great and it is nice to have the Cafe there to sit and enjoy.

I highly recommend this company.,. I became a member of their organization recently, and they helped me financially in everyway. When you became a member they give you so much opportunity. I'm an author and they helped me expand my financial direction by getting me a job as

Being a wedding planner while going thru a separation pretty much sucks for the most part.BUT! when I get to eat wedding cake samples from Ivy's,.

I am the Saphier in Saphier Events so my review is a more than a bit biased. If you are planning an event (anything from a corporate outing for your.

Four stars for the huge money-saving bags of ice, 5th for the availability of pre-cut booze luges and dry ice. I walked in here, bought a luge, (2) 30 lb.

I took my daughter there before Halloween expecting to be miserable and cleaned out. This was a great experience, the staff knows their costumes, there was.

I was in the Higgins Armory Museum, enjoying the armor, when a suit of it came alive! It started clinking and clanking all over the place. Turns out it was a rare type of 15th century court jester armor in which a jester had died. His ghost just wanted to make people laugh! I threw a quarter