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I saw "Speed" and his assistant at a Halloween show on Monday. He was awesome. There were so many people surrounding his stage, I don't know how he was able to manage it. But, he did. He was funny, engaging, did some of the greatest tricks I have ever seen. I really liked his style. I spoke

It is so refreshing to find a business that goes the extra mile. The dedication to exceptional customer service is amazing. You will not be sorry!

Vick is a excellent performer who is a joy to watch. The performance was eye catching. Lots & lots of compliments from all attendees of the party. Can't wait to see the next adventure- Vick is GREAT!"

I decided to go into this museum on a day trip to the inner harbor. It looked like it would be a great place for my 15 month old from the outside. Once inside I realized the only toys they had for her were toys I could buy in a store. Nothing different for her and everything was dirty. Beatiful

Some of the videos were not family friendly - music seems too loud for my taste. Otherwise place is clean and pizza okay.

This group knows how to get the crowd up and dancing. They are seasoned musicians who can play all types of music and really great if you want LIVE music.

Hired them for my wedding. What a fabolous group. Great performances,cover a ton of material, and very entertaining to watch. Would highlyrecommend!

The best in town! Bialek's has the talent and the staff to make every event very special.

Good lanes kept up very well,very good staf. look for lots of assistence,to better your game.

I needed to have surgery and was very nervous about the procedure. The hospital staff was so comforting and caring. They made the experience a positive one. My doctor (Dr. Wolland) maintained excellent communication, talking to me before and after the surgery and following up with me the next

I have dealt with Atlantic Stage Lighting for over 10 years. I got my first fogger at 12 years old and still buy from him. If I ever needed a piece of equipment fixed the cost was reasonable. He is a license technician to fix the products he sells. I have nothing but praise of him and his company.

Was extremely disapointed in the hospital and emergency room staff. will never go back to this hospital, will go to Holy Cross or Suburban first.

Being a New York resident, I did not know a lot about Maryland. A lot of my friends and family are big drinkers. All I knew was that I had to find good.

I waited 6 hours in the lobby with a ruptured ovarian cyst. I was in too much pain to drive somewhere else, so I had to stay there. Once I was brought to a room, the doctors were awesome.

After attending several movies at this facility, it has been a pleasure, there has never been a bad experience. Although the parking can be a little tight at times. However, the parking lot is very well lite and security is on the scene, always visible to deter the individuals not intending

Only drawback was the hours of operation, they are not the same as the hours posted online. everything else was okay.

One of the best venues in the metro area. Back nine is a true challenge. I Could play this course over and over.

I have seen Turley on the same show with other magicians; when he starts, the kids come alive! He loves kids and they love him. His gentle, kind approach to magic is wonderful! He's like a magical grandfather. Highly recommended.

Lots of sexy girls work there but sadly most of them are married

Great place to go to celebrate a special occasion. I have also wanted to go here and finally was able to for my birthday this year. If you are thinking about going it is alittle costly and I would only go for something special I would not go here for your typical friday night date. I still

I just have one word for this vendor - Awesome. If you are having a wedding or an event in which you need florals, really, it's the bomb!Very classic,.

This place has everything you need for a party and halloween costumes. The place was swamped with it being the weekend before Halloween. I know I would have.

This seems to be a quiet course that is just growing into its location. Considering other courses in the area this is a very affordable option. This is one of my favorite courses to visit every year.

Alain Nu may be he nicest guy to fool the pants off you. His skill is superb, but he always makes you feel great about the mysteries you experience. A charming mystery man!

I looked the zoo up on the internet. The cost for a little zoo such as Plumpton Park, is quite high, and I surprised about the hours. I planned on going to the zoo for an afternoon one Saturday, and to my surprise, they were closing in 2 hours. I could not take my granddaughter as planned.

An excellent place for children of all ages.I can't believe that Rising Sun has so much talent. As for Gary and Tonya They do wonderful with the children. We are looking forward to the next show. Thank-you for a great weekend show.

This is a great place to go when you want to see quality community theater. Very small venue but very well worth the time.

I have never attended a play before, and I have wanting to for the longest time. I'm glad to say, going to Toby's Dinner Theater has been a wonderful experience. I do forsee myself for future attendee for plays at this theater and others around the area. Bravo to the actors & actress that brought

Clients say: Eric was absolutely wonderful, he arrived early, entertained a diverse crowd, and involved everyone in his performance. He was impressive both as a magician and as a comedian. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great performer and look forward to having him appear

I like going here to bowl its real fun sisqo is there all the time so are my friends the food is ok. oh sat. nights is rock n bowl which is my favorite.

Dude, American Visonary Art Museum rocks the socks off of the other fancy old and moldy art museums in Bawlmer! The artists are amazing from surreal political oil paintings, modern themed sculpture, and interactive works. There are usually featured works in a separate room (I don't know what

.but Baltimore (and especially Fell's Point) has a very rich history. And the museum is very well done. Mostly I think that Fell's Point is a cool place to hang out. They've got a nice square and some good places to eat. Then a bunch of pubs in the area and a vibrant night life.

This small museum encompasses two historic synagogues, the classic Lloyd Street Synagogue (third oldest in the U.S.) and the ornate Moorish Style Bnai Israel that is still in active use along with an excellent collection of regional Jewish documents and artifacts that are presented in rotating

I'm not sure how close it is to the Edgar Allen Poe House.but a neat experience to visit the man's grave. Read up a little on Poe's life and it'll make the visit much more memorable. Baltimore's most famous author. I can't believe they named the Raven's NFL team after one of his poems. That's

Amazing Glaze is a fun place where you can paint your own pottery.I must first come clean and say I haven't been there on my own, but have only been there.

Wow, To be over 150 years old, the Constellation is in amazing shape. The tour was alot of fun, and the ship is just massive. i recomend this to anyone who happens to visit the baltimore inner harbor, it's one of those must see things. wait til you see the head a wonder of how far our country

There is not anything overwhelmingly extravagant about this place; but to look over the water and know the history that happened there is tremendous. It is worth seeing.

Federal Hill Park has an interesting history which I won't go into here. It is a short horizontal, if challenging vertical stroll from the inner harbor/National Aquarium. When you get to the top there are beautiful and commanding views of the city and waterfront. Development has diminshed it

Climb inside some massive locomotives. And if you catch some of their presentations you can operate a see saw, two-person flat car thing. Really cool indoor area with some old engines and train cars. Great for big kids and little kids.

Baltimore Maryland is such a great place to visit for any age! Plenty of shops,eateries and things to do! I personally love the dolphin show and little Italy! Must try the pastery shop in little Italy's town.YUMMY! They have the best italian ice tea! Harbor is beautiful at nite time! Even the

Ken Zo's is the best they have the best customer service and the tricks are so clever if you want magic tricks go here.

This is a great theater - it's located right at the Inner Harbor, the screen is huge, the seats are stadium-style and comfortable, and the image and sound quality are excellent. Unfortunately, there are only a few films showing at any given time.