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Looking for a chance to view world-quality are? Stop by the Portland Museum of Art on Free Street in Portland, Maine.

My youngest daughter and her Girl Scout troop decided to use the money that they earned selling Girl Scout cookies to go to an overnight or sleep-over, as Ashtyn would call it to this Museum. You wouldn't believe it! This place was simply amazing. A life size place for kids to go and DISCOVER

The quintessential bowling alley! Neon, tunes, big balls and pins, food, drink, etc. Always a treat!

Locals and tourists's alike will LOVE this clean, friendly, family-oriented amusement park. Funtown continues to grow and expand it's ride selection with a obvious interest in rides and attractions that are new and popular in the industry. Excalibur gets my five stars as my favorite twisted

Pretentious art house cinema designed exclusively for out of town yuppies that drive saabs and bratty, fake Colby Kids. Holden Caulfield would have a field day describing this place!

Get the fried dough it is huge and good, the fries are pretty good

It is such a pleasure to go to this movie cinema now. The seats are so comfortable, and the atmosphere has helped to the behavior of the young people alot. They seem more respectfull of the facility. It is close by, and feature all the latest movies. We enjoy it and go to the movies alot more

Every aspect of this resort is awefull, from the office people to the manager which are rude ignorant people who dont deserve to be in a community service job. The sites are small and hard to get into. This resort wont be there long

Flip came for my sons fifth b-day and they had so much fun. even now they still talk about the clown. he was awesome with the kids and kept them entertained from the beginning to end.

Friendly workers great service the ticket prices & food, drinks, & candy prices are the cheapest in maine. comfortable new seats. clean.

Hamilton House was very enjoyable, be sure to take a garden tour and a stroll near the water. Tammy, our guide, was very informative and impressive in her knowledge of the house, a most enjoyable afternoon.

Nice course and very nice people there. The front 9 are straight forward but the back 9 will keep you scratching your head. Greens were slow but overall the course is well maintained. I would rate it a medium tough course. Hazards were easy to get around but there making new ones so it will

If you golf in the 90's or below stop reading reading now. Howevver, for those who like me are average or below average golfers, this course is a little jewel. The fairways are challenging enough though not insurmountable. The course is somewhat hilly but this feature makes for wonderful views.

It is a great movies a lot of kids witch that is great and i love tgo to the mnovies on friday thats when a lot of kids go

N?u b?i to?n t?nh anh, em ch?a hi?u,? v?i v?ng bi?n lu?n th? th?i sao? Khi anh y?u ch?ng b?i tham s? n?o Gi? thi't? mu?n?i kh?ng thay?i!

We had him for our wedding in October of 2005 and he was the best we have ever seen. Everyone was very happy with him!

Hi This is Kristi from newport entertainment center. Our actual phone number is (207)368-2490. You have our fax number listed. Thanks alot.

This was the first time my husband and I have ever been. I think we will be back every year from now on. We had a great time. We got the $40 seats on the start finish line. The place was packed and the race was awesome.

This is the best thing to happen in Brownfield for a long time. great time Big name artists.Beautful building

I love this store. It's just off Main Street (down the road across from Henry's beside Hollywood Slots). They have any party supplies you could ever need.

I say living history because the time period will come alive for you the minute the tour of this amazing house begins. Step into a different world and enjoy. 1 tip though: spend the $10 in the carriage house gift shop for the accompanying book because you can't take pictures inside the mansion.

Always great bargains on DJ. & Karaoke gear. Awesome service too.:)

Two Lakes Campground is the best campground I have every been to. It isgreat if you have children as there is alot for children to do. The Owners are awesome and friendly. All the seasonal campers are real friendly as well. They treat everyone that goes there like they are part of the family.