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Big, beautiful screen - incredible sound - low prices - what's not to like?

This facility offers a variety of scientific experiments for all ages. Downstairs in their bacement they offer the wonders of water and bubbles as well as a small rock climbing wall and a play house. There are also some building tools built into their own stations. On the first level there

Went on a Friday Night and I was packed by 12:30. Nice atmosphere girls mostly nice, friendly pleasing to watch, good to come down with a big group of friends and BYOB

Small town-wonderful museum. Everything a big city art musem has except for the lines. Admission is free andan afternoon here is like being at the metropolitan in New York although the collection is limited.

Who would believe anything signed by faloniusmonk! Sounds like a disgruntled competitor to me. The person discribed is not Faythe Kubik. I have lived and danced in the area only a few years, but I've taken several of her classes and gone to most of her area dances. This woman is a fabulous

I had to go to this museum for class but was pleasantly surprised. Me and Mariah looked at the pictures and statues.we found out the hard way that there is a 2 foot no touching the sculptures!

One of the best strip clubs in this region. A diverse, heavenly shape and beautiful female dancers in this place from open to close.

They lanes are in good condition but if you don't have your own ball expect to play with one that resembles what Fred Flintstone would use. They have bumpers on a lot of the lanes so great place to take the youngsters. They are the only bowling ally in town and they act like it. The people

This place has some really good potential to be a huge successes, but is lacking in a few places.I had my nephews birthday party here good price only cost.

A friend was brought here with just about every symptom there is of having had a stroke. The Doctor refused to check her for a stroke and said she was having a 'nervous breakdown'. Wasting even more time he ended up sending her 3 hours away to a hospital in Peoria. He also called them and told

This is a vine, amoungest the hills.great wine, wonderful setting.homey. Visit once, an you will have a new friend.

Excellent musical group! I really enjoyed listening and dancing to them at the SNUS Hill Winery near Madrid. Lots of variety, classy group.

Long, nice golf course close to Des Moines. This course normally has hard, fast greens and dry fairways all six times I've played. Disappointing to say the least considering its price per round is a bit expensive. This course normally plays slow and the club house will be sure to let you know

It is a great place to bowl. and hang out, however, in th edining area it is too smokie and your clothes are full of smoke when you leave. Even your hair is smokie after sitting in the booths for under 30 minutes. Food is great, but the atmosphere is terrible.

Beautiful, brand new and state of the art facilities! Wonderful place for labor and delievery. Dedicated Lacation specialist for all the new moms at no extra charge. Sometimes hospital/clinic gets the billing wrong, which can be annoying, but otherwise, this is a great hospital!

Was in town for a dog show, went to the ER with chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Received GREAT, PROMPT care. For a small facility my care was A+. I work at a larger facility in Illinois and got the same quality of care here that I would of at my home hospital. THANKS!

Great Park with friendly and helpful CampHosts.

The girls are great. Not only are they gorgeous but also clean and friendly. The atmosphere is unlike any other. They also have great special apperances like Ron Jeremy and the Chippendales.

I LOVE this place - just plain old-school fun! The service isn't intrusive, it's clean, you can usually find open lanes at any given time, and bowling rules. What else can you ask for?

Brucemore is a tour well worth the $7 admission for ANYONE interested in how people of what could be the last real business revoltion lived. LARGE with taste.Classy as it gets.Decorating with preserving their and other citizens history. I highly recomend this tour for people of all ages. Brings

Not when i was there ever casino i have been 2 has a certain amout of cig smoke but this was wasn't very bad. and when i did find it a problem i asked ther person next 2 me if they minded putting the smoldering cig out and they say no not a problem i forgot all about it

Lisa did an awesome job! We are so happy with her, that we are inviting her back next year for our corporate picnic! She is witty and comical and the kids as adults loved her.She came with her own supplies and her cost was good too. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing a very TALENTED

Nice deal for bowling, went friday night. Paid $1 shoes, $1 drafts, and two for one games. not sure what other nights they have this special, but I will be coming back in the future.

But then again, NO ONE should be looking to buy Britney CD's anywhere. This local music store caters to the college crowd. Overflowing with vinyl, you can find a large selection of electronica, alt-country, techno, alternative and any other genre you wont find in a large quantity at the chain

The girls were pretty but alot seemed to either be having an off night or they just have bad attitudes. saveral left the stage in the middle of the second song then left the building so. the d.j. was rude sound system good one woman there admitted she was high and drinking. it was also smokey

Hire this band! The Des Moines Big Band is one of Iowa's best-kept secrets. The musicians are first-rate, mostly 30 to 50 somethings who have left.

HUGE local music listener. Could you tell me more, or should I say, where you play mostly on the weekends?

For experienced bowlers, CRBC offers a great league experience. The shot can be different from week to week and this gives you different views. While your average may not be as high as some other houses, you truly will learn more bowling on this condition. The lanes are managed well, with few

I got dragged to a Kahraman class mumble years ago and I immediately fell in love with the form. Near Eastern or 'belly' dance is a folk form that actually encourages a woman to have a woman shaped body (instead of a stick - like ballet, modern et al). Because it is a folk form, this type of

This place is alot of fun to hang with friends. $5 buck for each person all night to play Billiards on Wensdays. great bowling, music and food. very croweded on tournment night and smoky but other than that its alot of fun.

Jessica(kad) I LOVE YOU.S.D. great dancer/s Chris

Went there on a monday night didnt expect much but i had the best time ever. the girls were pretty and friendly the prices were fantastic the work hard for there money.great show. thank you

Beautiful renovation. Just what Des Moines needed.

This bowling center takes reservations and has good lanes and average prices.

Iowa puts on one of the best state fairs in the country!If you have never been,you gotta take time and go!There is so much to do,you cant get it all done in one day!From the exhibits,to the midway,all the varieties of entertainment,any kind of food you could possibly imagine: funnel cakes to

Great theater, great movies, and real butter on the popcorn without rip off prices!

It was awesome, and the lessons were great. I love skiing! i liked how clean it was and I had a lot of fun skiing. I'm coming again next saturday and I'm gonna try to ski on my head.

My son loves going here also. Its like going way way way out of town but just a stones throw away. Lush plants and waterway inside a large dome just outside of downtown Des Moines. In the warmer weather theres also paths outside through beautiful gardens. There used to be small birds there