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The magician was a big hit. He was professional & excellent. People are still talking about his act.

The judo program offers training that is tailored to each individual's needs. Not only is this the best place to learn judo, it is the best place to maintain your abilities while not being overworked if your body has physical incapabilities.

My friend waited for hours to get into an emergency room. they were over staffed and i continued to hear the employees complain about having to be there. how sad is that?

This museum is amazing! If you love antiques this place is for you! I grew up in South Bend and made many trips with my gramps and dad here. I bring my kids often from Ohio to visit, we find something new everytime we go.

Ask for sasha she will do just about anything :), she kept me satisfied all night, for a price of course

This DJ made my dreams come true. He was a true professional in every way. His online planning tools made it soooooo easy for me to plan my reception.

A fun place to go, even if you are straight. My boyfriend once won a tee-shirt for being the straightest looking man in the house! It was fun and funny as hell. Gotta get a shot (a BJ!) from the crossdressing waitress(er).

Took my daughter there today for her birthday, and she ended up in tears because of the crazy woman working the front counter. All she wanted was to try bowling once, but the crazy employee refused to let her use the bumpers, even watched over my husband as he programed the games so that my

This is more of an RV trailer park than an actual Yogi Campground. Had I been aware I never would have made reservations. People come and go day and night and many are not even campers. There is not respect for others. People live here year round and the grounds show it. It is not kept as I've

Great place to bowl. you are able to take the whole family. but the could have longer hours when they run there specials. I love the $1 game specials it makes it nice to take the kids for a nice night out. Great scoring house one of the best I have bowled in.

Lanes are good. Price is a bit high compared to the other houses in the area. Not really worth the price. Food is ok, bar is ok. Good pro shop, reasonably priced equipment and a knowledgable staff. plenty of lanes.

House isn't too bad. Some of the equipment is out of date and sorely in need of repair. The lanes themselves are pretty good. Leagues there are ultra competetive and not really very much fun. Some of the people there take themselves way too seriously. Not recommended for beginners and moderate

I enjoyed bowling tat Fricke's. Just a few lanes, quiet atmosphere. Lanes were in good condition.

The track is slightly-banked oval. Length: 1/4 mi. Surface: Asphalt. Typical Days & Divisions. Saturday mostly street stocks. dromers. Street figure 8s, sprint cars, to name a few things. I have been going to the Sportsdrome Speedway for many years and I love it. The drivers and their familys

My best friend and I took my daughter Cheyenne to Beech Grove Bowl Saturday evening. It is a small place to go bowling, but it is open 24 hours. They have 12 lanes, you can smoke, you can eat and just have fun! I will be returning. My daughter is only 3 and they were able to accomidate everything

We quit going to the Jasper 8 and started driving to Evansville to see films. The sound is terrible, the staff is ignorant and the seating is uncomfortable. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, it's full of kids talking and moving from screen to screen. I was actually struck by kids rough-housing

Me and my family had lots of fun at Auburn Bowl. We would recommend them to anyone.

The expanded length to some of the holes made this a much more challenging course

You can't find a better manicured course in the area. The new owners, Dave and Amy Demske, have put their hearts into making this golf course a winner.


Brad's Gold show club is a very decent topless bar. I just went there this afternoon for a little T&A. It has a great assortment of ladies with each being better the last. They don't have Table Dances any more. It has a Champagne Room which is kind expensive, They charge based on how long you

I went there just last night, and it was awesome! We waited in line for quite a while to be seated, but it was well worth it. Even with the whole writers' strike, they just had some of the comedians do the entire show (as opposed to doing/broadcasting a regular show). I would highly recommend

Garrett Bowl is one of the best family owned bowling alleys your'll find. The hospitality is second to none, it is currently in the second or third generation of ownership and its still one of the best bowling alleys. My family and I have been bowling here for over 25 years and will continue

I had the best experience ever in the ER at St. Mary's. The doctors and nurses there saved my life. I wouldn't be here today without them. THANK YOU ALL!

Portage junior miss is looking for sponsors. would you consider sponsoring a team.

Get with it. This is now Kereosotes 12! Also Sony is also owned by Kerrosetes.And last but noy least, Y&W drive in is way long gone.

Amongst the different firework distributors nearby, Johnny Rockets is consistent with offering some of the best fireworks and prices. Find some better.

Parents can join in the fun just like the kids.

Riverside Hospital is a nice place to stay. It is not a hotel, but the rooms are comfortable, and the staff, for the most part, is caring and professional. The food is on the down side of OK, but some of the meals are good.

A great place for a family to go. Stumbled on this by accident and was well worth the tour.

I've been to the Crown Theater a few times I really like the old theater feel and price. I hope they keep it around for a long time. I don't live in Crown point so I usually call to hear what there playing and it either sounds staticky (if thats a word) or busy. I hope they fix that soon.

I love the fact I live down the road from here, and it's a great place to spend a beautiful fall day. They have a great selection of pumpkins and apples.

I loved the Wedding dress exhibit. They had dresses from different eras and from around the world. They had a picture of Jackie Kennedy in a pink dior ball gown that was unbelievable. This museum is very enjoyable if you are an art fan. It's also nice that students and children are free. Next

Science Central is a fun place. There are lots of neat things to do, see and try, BUT. I really think it's time for them to spend some money on maintaining the facility. Some new paint and lighting or even just cleaning the place up.I always feel like the little kids area is crawling w/ dirt

I would not recomend this hospital to anyone becouse. They people on nights do not know how to use the computer system to acess patient records when the patient also works night and needs lab work done. I have sat in a waiting room for as long as four hours just to have blood drawn, and I have

This zoo has gone extremely downhill the past few years. I used to be a member of the zoo and quit. You want a good zoo go to Toledo or Cincinnatti - GREAT zoos!

This movie theater has been closed for over a year and was torn down last week.

We have had the privilege of seeing Elvince perform since 1994. He performed at a family birthday party, we have booked him for events and seen him at local performances. He is entertaining and very respectful of the memory of Elvis.

Nice place to bowl, although the staff has something to learn about business practices and being a little nicer to guests. I give it a thumbs down on hospitality

Very good place for family fun and parties. Their rates are the cheepest in town. Has a full line snack bar and serves daily plaste lunches Monday thru Friday. Has pool table and a bar.

I had both of my children at SJRMC and the private birthing suites there are swesome! The nurses are kind and reassuring, and the food is actually really good. The entire hospital uses a room-service style way of feeding the patients. You order what you want, when you want. And the food is

Iluv every thing bout it includeing the music and design (guitars and stuff )lol well go there its awesome!

Fun place to take the family! Great atmosphere to take the family for food, bowling, and a number of other activities. The staff was very courteous and we will be back!

What a great place! I can't think of a more fun way to spend the evening. Great food and great laughs

Great center. Very wide walking area. Friendly staff. Clean. Big surprise when we walked in because the outside doesn't look as nice as the inside.

Brandy's has the best patio I've ever been in. Large screen plasma tvs and heated! Girls dance out there too! Comfortable chairs, and full bar service on the patio. That's my new spot when I'm in town. As you can't smoke anywhere in Fort Wayne.

Good golf course good fairways and greens. nice staff. good food. plays a little slow on days because of all the traffic that plays there. but i recommend playing at this golf course. you can also score well on a good day.

I am planning a baby shower for a dear friend so you are going to see a lot of posts from me about party planning places and craft places.etc over the.

I got the pleasure to attend this show. It was the first time I got to attend the theatre, and I loved it. I would prefer they do more Christmas music than patriotic or love songs, but all in all the performance was great!

The course was in excellent condition, greens were fast and held, fairways and bunkers in great shape. But most of all the pro was very hospitable, made us feel appreciated, and made an effort to come out and thank us for playing there when we finished-our group will definitely return and it