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A really good golf corse great for families and all sorts of things to do me personally i love it! there is so much to do there

Pretty Good Selection and Decent Prices. Very customer friendly and they have helped me out of a jam more than once. It's nice to have a local store to deal with in the Fort Smith area.

This place is for you. It's dark, dingey, and looks like it was thrown together with cast-off items from other, older bars. The people who work there do seem nice and friendly. I've only visited once, mid-week in the early evening, so there weren't a whole lot of people there, but they seemed

Polite, on time, and very well prepared. Best party i had ever been too.

I recently purchased tickets to take my child to see a movie in which we had planned our day around. When we arrived the movie had been pulled from the line up to show a new movie that came in. This would have been fine had there been something else I was able to take him to see, but that wasn't

The BEST hospital care I have ever gotten anywhere and I have lots to compare with!

I was the DJ at a wedding reception at Agora and I will tell you this event facility is great. The staff was very nice and they seemed to know a lot about.

This is where you want to go for a feeling of family. Everyone fom the housekeepers to the CEO are caring people. The nursing staff are always improving themselves to provide top notch care. The hospital's faith based values keep the highest standards, and if you you need it, a prayer is always

Been closed for years now was noce when it was open though

They still have the same seats from when i was a kid in the 80's, and i think the wad of gum my friends threw are still stuck to the screen too.

I just loved it there, i sang and sang my balls off, it was so fun that i cant wait to go back and sing my balls back on,,!

Newly renovated, family owned and managed, friendly faces, first run movies!

Fast Lanes is so much better than Chuck E. Cheese because their games are run by putting money on a card instead of a bunch of noisy tokens and you can load the tickets onto the card and keep it until you ahce enough to get something really good from the prize shop. The go carts are pricey.

The karaoke night at Jose's In Springdale rocks!

I loved this hotel. yes it is older, but it has charm. and that is why we chose this hotel. Some people complain about the price, which is a little steep for what you are getting. I love the style of old hotels, so the money was not as big of an issue as it seems to be for some reviewers on

Barbwire has a wonderful sound.awesome to listen to and watch them perform.if you havnt seen them in action.plz do,you wont be disappointed!

Awesome Band I saw them live one time and they keep the crowd dancing all night.

This is one of the nicest gyms I've ever been to that wasn't associated with a university. I travel a lot for work, and they let me buy a week pass. I.

Mr. Baer is one of the best magicians in central Arkansas. He is great with kids and adults.

Have a very time with my 4 year old child, he loved going & now we once a week. good job

These people are the best! Our emloyees are still talking about the party.a year later. Really nice, fun, ladies. Thanks for everything

It has very good service, and selvin works there

I met this lovely lady in a little shop in Eureka Springs Ark. last year when my husband and I were going through on our way to Tennessee on our cross country tour. Being a Country singer myself I was of course interested in her music. We exchanged CDs and I totally enjoy her music. I recently

St. Bernards maintains high quality care, latest technology care with a culture of outstanding customer satisfaction. Would not even think of going anywhere else for the healthcare of my family.

I can't really say it any better than Mary. It's definitely fun for adults, as well as kids. It's a fun place with lots of interesting exhibits. If you want.

Very Very nice!. they travel, love to have fun! and also very beautiful ladies as well.they do awesome bachelor parties as well!

Went there the other day with one of my buddies. It was only about $30 for 18 plus a cart. It is a pretty easy course; however, you don't want to get in the bunkers. That is my one critique for this course.the bunkers are not in very good condition. I didn't get into any bunkers, but my buddy

Stephanies cabert is now under new ownership.whole new place. much much better everything. great dancers. wonderful bartenders and waitress. its called silver doller cabert now. they even have a big screen tv in case you want to watch a football game. and vip area.and dont forget the really

This is a great place! Wonderful family atmosphere and so friendly Exhibits change monthly and the theater is exciting and very comfortable!

Great Bar, good times, one of the few things about Little Rock that didn't suck.The drinks stay flowing, and the atmosphere, just feels homie (and no I.