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Latest Resumes

AcroBritt (Brittany Walsh) is recognized as one of the most unique and skilled circus acts existing today. She was recently featured on The Late Show With David Letterman for her special talent of shooting an arrow with a compound bow in her feet while upside down in a contorted handstand. The New York Times has deemed her act "beautiful, exciting, and fun!" AcroBritt has had extensive circus training...

Entertainer of the year 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Author of “the official how to man up book” e-mail ilikemichael@aol.com Height: 6’0” Hair: Dark Brown Weight 175 ...

An empathic, claircognizant psychic medium & tarot reader with 15 years experience. I was on Ask1Radio Paul & James show. I have worked for Circle of Stars & Pyschic Power Network, but thought it best to work for myself at the time. I have been working out of my home in Wellford S.C. for 10 years. I also teach young adults in my home how to hone their gifts and read the tarot. I am at my best when...

After 25 yrs. experience in hospitality I am currently seeking a career in event planning. I have a degree in communications from ASU. My skills are: great customer service experience, very detailed orientated, trust-worthy, responsible, ambitious, works well as a team member or as an individual. I have managment experience and office skills. I handled money, payrolls, computers and registers,...

I have been performing and studying the art of magic and illusion since 1981 after witnessing a famous con game typically played on the streets of New York City. Several years later I met and became friends with a Television Producer/Director Allan Rasco who was also a very talented magician. This afforded me many creative ways to present my magical routines. Since that time my career has taken...

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