An empathic, claircognizant psychic medium & tarot reader with 15 years experience. I was on Ask1Radio Paul & James show. I have worked for Circle of Stars & Pyschic Power Network, but thought it best to work for myself at the time. I have been working out of my home in Wellford S.C. for 10 years. I also teach young adults in my home how to hone their gifts and read the tarot. I am at my best when helping to guide others on their life path. I offer spiritual guidance in relationships and other matters of the heart, general life concerns, and healing of the mind and emotions. Having had prophetic dreams from a young age, I offer dream interpretation. I use the Celtic Cross spread as well as a unique spread of my own creation, through which I can delve into your past, present or future. My empathic abilities enable me to feel your sickness and pain and allow me to bring comfort and give you guidance toward receiving healing in your life. Will do psychic parties.

Key Skills

Tarot reader, psychic, medium, empathic, claircognizant, spiritual, dreams, healing, prophetic, guide, guidance, healer, reiki, dream interpratation, past lifes, spirit guides, spiritualist, angels, paranormal.

Educational Details

Born with gift, self taught.

Acceptable Locations

Greenville/Spartanburg area

Desired Salary


Total Experience

15 years

Year of Birth

1960, female

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Bridgette Rogers

Phone Number


City & State

Wellford, South Carolina

Zip Code


Street Address

14 Windmill Dr.