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Are you are looking to upgrade your musical career? Looking to secured deals for your music? Getting to the "right" contact is one of the many ways we can help you. Our Consultant services have helped many Artists from around the world. Perhaps we can help you.


James Citkovic
Countdown Entertainment
(Hire A Consultant - division)
The Music Building
110 West 26th Street, 3rd Floor South
New York, NY 10001-6805
www. CountdownEntertainment. com
212 645-3068

Our Distinction: We Broker Intellectual Properties, dealing with the purchasing and selling of Major Platinum and Gold Recording Artists of their Music Publishing and Masters Catalogues.

We are: Artist Management (having represented Major Platinum Recording Artists) , Music Publishers, & Consultants. Countdown Entertainment represents bands, groups, singers, songwriters, musicians, composers, music producers and music managers to independent record labels and major recording labels for record deals, music licensing deals, film and TV soundtracks, record distribution and music publishing deals.

We provide record label placements for Artists, and we also broker DVD/videos. Recent deals secured: The Ramone's; Matchbox 20; Irene Cara; Concrete Blond; Fred Schneider of the B-52's; Elvis Presley Trilogy; The Fixx; Joe Strummer Estate (The Clash) ; the European dance artist "SASH" (10 consecutive Top 10 Hits) to name just a few.


We opened nominations earlier this year for our "Award Of Excellence, " to honor the person who actually helped writer/artists with their careers. We had a plethora of nominations, and it made me wish I could meet every one of the people you suggested for an award.

Congratulations to the three finalists: Marc-Alan Barnette, James Citkovic, and Jamey Whiting.

I think it's an incredible honor, as the many letters we've received over the past months are sincere and convincing! Thanks to anyone who contributes their excellence, which helps elevate songs and performances, which in turn elevates the enjoyment of music, which elevates the quality of the world you are an obvious winner in the scheme of things, whether you have a token nod from our company or not. Thank you.

(Janet Fisher, of Goodnight Kiss Publications, an Active Music Publisher newsletter created for SONGWRITERS and MUSIC BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS, contains information on the Music Industry and Career Related Topics.)

Why waste your time making cold calls and searching the Internet to find Top Industry contacts to hear your music? Hire A Consultant gives you the best chance to succeed because we provide quality opportunities for your music to be heard by top decision makers in the industry - Worldwide.

Nobody connects you with more Key Decision Makers and Opportunities than we do.



110 West 26th St., 3rd Floor South
New York, NY 10001-6805
CountdownEntertainment. com
HireAConsultant@aol. com
212 645-3068


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Oct 16, 2009

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