Listen to music now, by a live 50's and 60's band from Eastern Iowa, The Escorts later known as The Do's & The Don'ts. They are one of the 1st live bands ever, charter inductees, to be inducted into the Iowa Rock 'N Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame.

Contact Details

  Person The Escorts / Do's & Don'ts Band
  City Ely, IA
  Zip Code 52227
  Address 650 Palisades Access Road
  Phone Number (319) 848-4913

From Our Website

Live Interview on CBS2/Fox 28 TV with The Do's and Don'ts featuring Dick and Zelda Sherman! It was nice to meet you Sunday at the Joseph's 50th anniversary celebration. I appreciated you coming up and talking to me - it's always great to talk with other musicians - your kind words meant a lot! I do want to hear you someday - I'll have to follow your schedule closer - just went on your website and listened to a few songs - I liked "I Wonder If She Loves Me" - you have had a great career - wow - that's always been my dream and have felt blessed to have been able to do the music I've done for the last 26 years.