Full-time professional magician and family entertainer providing family fun entertainment thoughout Maine and New England. If you're looking for fun family entertainment for a birthday party to a community magic show in Maine or New England, then you've come to the right place.

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  Person Carroll Chapman a.k.a. Conjuring Carroll
  City Solon, ME
  Zip Code 04979
  Address PO Box 283
  Phone Number (207) 635-3133

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Carroll Chapman a.k.a. Conjuring Carroll

Magician and family entertainer, Carroll Chapman a.k.a. Conjuring Carroll, has been performing and entertaining children and families since he was 16. In 1996 Carroll was asked to take over a children's ministry in his church and he accepted. From that position he not only completed a Children's Ministry program, attaining an Advanced Children's Ministry Certificate from the National Children's Leaders Association, but also found a unique way to present the Gospel- through Magic.


Hat Hankerchief by Maine Magician Conjuring Carroll

This has been one of my opening bits for me for a very long time now. I love the reaction of the girl when the colored string disappears.

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Looking for entertainment that can happen throughout your fair, event, banquet, or restaurant. Strolling Magic and Ballooning is the answer! Maine Magician Conjuring Carroll can produce magical experiences that happen in small groups or tables. This is perfect entertainment for cocktail parties as ice breakers. It's also is a wonderful greeting and memorable experience, receiving a gift that can be admired by all. Looking to draw people at a tradeshow event? Magic and balloon are always a crowd drawer and pleaser!