After years of working in some great professions as a writer, salesperson, and trainer, Scott found magic is the one that captured his creative interests the most. Now a professional magician, Scott loves performing great magic for people of all ages. Children love magic, but adults love to watch a good magician too. "It's just so much fun to entertain people with magic," says Scott.

Equally comfortable in front of a group of children at a birthday party, or performing on a stage at a dinner party, Great Scott's magic helps make an event more pleasant and memorable.
Now residing in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Great Scott is ready to perform some magic for you throughout Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois.

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  Person Great Scott Magic
  City Milwaukee, WI
  Phone Number (262) 364-6524

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Great Scott Magic

Customer Testimonials

Everyone, from the parents to the children, were very pleased with the show that you put on Saturday night. We have never had the caliber of entertainment that you provided at one of our Blue and Gold banquets. As I was watching the show, I also was observing the adults and children and everyone was deeply engaged and truly entertained by your show.

My kid's in particular really enjoyed "Chauncy". Several of the adults I spoke with later liked how you worked the cub scout theme into the act, especially the game show. You have a real talent and on behalf of Pack 3791, thank you for making our blue and Gold Banquet a very special event.

I thought you did a great job. The boys really loved it and I also liked the way you got them involved in the show. You also did a nice job tying in scouting related items which was great. You really seem to know the audience and what they are looking for and my son keeps talking about the show. I also was impresed how the adults were also entertained - I know I was. It was a huge hit and I am sure we will be talking about it for a long time.

We were all so glad you were part of the evening! Your show was wonderful, and I still laugh every time I think of all of us watching that first envelope go through the shredder. Hilarious! If you ever need a glowing reference, feel free to use my name.

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