The gift of laughter is always the finest thing for everyone. I heard families talking the next day about how wonderful you were to all the kids. Gitsy and Friends Gitsy is our primary clown. Jolly Holly & MeeKo are wonderful compliments to Gitsy's or Dizzy Lizzy's Show. They are FABULOUS with the children!

Contact Details

  City Jackson, NJ
  Zip Code 08527
  Phone Number (732) 901-6700

To say that Gitsy is an entertainer is an understatement. This talented and remarkable person has a passion not only for her trade, but also for bringing a smile to everyone that she touches. I have hired Gitsy for both a PTA School Function as well as a Father Daughter Dance and both times I had a ton of participants come up to me and say, Where did you find her, she is remarkable! Gitsy brings a smile to every child between the ages of 1 and 100. She is lucky enough to be able to make bring to trade what she does best and we have been lucky enough to be able to hire her.