Who We're Doing It For:
IRENE CARA *Platinum Recording Artist, an Academy Award, two Grammy's, the People's Choice Award, the Golden Globe Award, *One of the Top 100 Black Entertainers of all time*;
CHRIS CONWAY - received Grammy nomination for Album of The Year;
DRAGON BALL Z - Dale Kelly, Producer #1 rated TV show on Cartoon Network!);
STEVE RONSEN - (w/ Extreme Music & Paramount) - songs in "Moving McAllister"; the Nascar Prilosec commercial, and Steven Spielberg's "On The Lot";
KEN TAMPLIN Producer/Composer - *Dove Award* Best Metal/Hard Rock Songs/Albums;
Hip Hop Crew, WOOD READY - (Epic);
WORLD BANG - (Radikal/BMG);
WENTY MORRIS, Film Songwriter/Composer: "Clueless" - (Paramount Films);
THE RAMONES - (Vol. 1&2 Image Entertainment);
ELVIS ANTHOLOGY - (Delta Music);
JOE STRUMMER -The CLASH - (Digital Site);
LIVING LOUD - (members of DEEP PURPLE) - (SONY/Immortal Offer);
The Doo Wop Masters - (50's/60's Catalogue of Masters/Publishing - (Extreme/Paramount);
Blues Legend JOHNNIE JOHNSON - (Fuel 2000);
THE FIXX - Music Publishing deal and Songwriter Deal (w/ The Bicycle Music);
DAIZE, The #1 World Champion Long board Surfer/Rocker - (BCS Records, & M.P.I. Talent Agency); &
Klean Keem -(with Hip Hop personalities as FunkMaster Flex and Ray Dejons) to name just a few, as we're always doing more...

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Among the Artists I have managed. I managed One of The Top 100 Entertainers of All Time!

Serviced Areas

  • Worldwide

Contact Details

  Person Lovie Jones
  City New York, NY
  Zip Code 10001
  Address 110 West 26th Street
  Phone Number (212) 645-3068

Business Representative

Lovie Jones


Products & Services

Here's What You'll Get as a Hire a Consultant Client:

Each Artist is different, so no set fee.

First and foremost, we become your personal management consultant. And we're non-exclusive so you can work with other industry professionals and still receive the benefit of our services. We can even help your manager, if you have one.

You'll find out exactly where your music stands in the global marketplace because we give your music the opportunity to be heard by key decision makers. You'll gain valuable exposure and visibility worldwide. We'll give you every chance for your music to be successful and if our leads and contacts agree, you may soon be fielding offers for your music. Here's what else you'll get from us:

Individual attention;
Advice tailored to your needs based on our 30+ years of experience;
Industry contacts including those of key decision makers who have specific music needs and will listen to your music;
Music placement opportunities in film and TV;
Representation to record and publishing companies, and production houses too;
International licensing and soundtrack opportunities;
You'll become an industry insider since many of these unique worldwide opportunities come from inside industry information we are privy to and pass on to you;
Access to a variety of music resources such as music journalists, record promotion companies, record pools and radio stations;
Weekly opportunities to have your music heard by decision-makers. We call these opportunities "leads" and they could be from record or publishing companies, music supervisors for TV or film placements, management co's or even from a successful act looking for material.
And much more.

But wait, there's more good news. The information, sources, leads and contacts you'll receive cannot be found in various industry directories available to just anyone. We speak to many CEO's and presidents of Major Entertainment firms, who provide opportunities to us that cannot be found in any tip sheet. You'll be getting high level opportunities for your music from decision-makers around the world.

And here's the best part. These key professionals are actually ASKING to receive your specific genre or sound for consideration. That's right. These contacts have a specific need for your style of music and will absolutely listen to it.

We do:
Charge a monthly retainer fee for our services (we do not have a set "retainer" fee, because, in general, every Artist is different, and each has their own wants, special needs and goals) ;
Work in 30-Day Periods;
Have a strict screening process;
Try to Limit our roster to 4 clients and therefore frequently have a waiting list.

We don't:
Take a commission on any deal secured during the Hire a Consultant Trial Period so you keep 100%;
We are each Non-exclusive:
Take on just anyone as a customer. We value our reputation and so do others, so first and foremost, we insist that our clients have quality material.

Customer Testimonials

James, I am pleased to tell you that you just got me another deal. This is the 5th deal now with your services, and this one is from Paul Cooke (the songwriter and producer of "Sade").

James, I just signed the record deal you got for me. Everytime people ask me how I got hooked up with the label I tell them about you! When I first met my lawyer, he asked that and said he knew you and respected your taste in artists - so I think you helped me land my lawyer as well! So again, I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me...you have no idea how much I appreciate it all. I mean, if it weren't for you I'd probably still be selling beer in a country bar! Thanks again James!

Dear James and Lovie, I finally got a deal thru one of your leads. It's about time, huh? ;) Thanks again!

Hi James, I just received an offer. Thank you so much for your business, time and advice. You are experienced and honest, which are two qualities that I respect and value a lot. I obviously don't know everything, but man - I know sooo much more now than before I started to work with you - so, thanks.

Hey James, Great News!!! Your services have helped us secure a second deal.

Although the premise of your services is quite sound, I had no idea that it would work so fast! In the three weeks I've received a legitimate music-licensing offer!

Thanks for all your help. It was nice to be able to get advice and not just leads and we appreciate very much all the time you spent helping us. We are pleased to say that one of your leads has lead to our collaboration with highly acclaimed world famous guitarist. Our first album has recently been completed, and is being toured in Europe and South America Spring & Summer. Also one of your contacts who previously turned us down because our music didn't fit their remit, has recently contacted us again and asked us if we had anything new as they were impressed with our presentation. They have now listened to our new material and are offering a music publishing deal and to release one album in the USA. We would recommend to anybody the use of your services. Thanks again for all your help and advice.