For the past five years, An Affair to Remember. has been coordinating unique and successful special events in Central Oregon. An Affair to Remember. has managed a huge range of events, focusing on corporate events, weddings, fundraisers and custom parties. We specialize in producing special events customized to fit the customer's personality and aims.

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  City Bend, OR
  Zip Code 97701
  Address 811 Northwest Georgia Ave
  Phone Number (541) 322-9355

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Bob and Courtney have been entertaining crowds and dancing wedding goers for years. They can start the day with the perfect ceremony music, from classical to popular music. Then the cocktail hour is the start of the party and you can feel their more colorful approach to the main event the "Reception". The Reception with live music and spinning the latest dance music, and the hits through out all the ages to dance the night away. Making a full sound you'll think its a whole band with live music and vocals both with a surprisingly low budget for your special day.