Age of Reptiles provides affordable herpetology education and exciting hands-on live reptile encounters and displays for camps, nature centers, special events, etc. Class Reptilia is our specialty and we use reptiles effectively as model for wildlife education. We have the largest and most diverse and representative collection of native and exotic reptiles in the state and our prices are competitive with all other local on-site animal exhibits and presentations.

Our very experienced staff is professionally credentialed, trained and educated in the biological sciences, and can provide fascinating presentations interesting and educational to all ages and interest levels. This is not JUST for children. Adults will love this too! We do not sing, dance, or tell jokes. That does not mean we won't make you laugh and scream. We just provide a straight-forward in-depth, comprehensive experience with reptiles that no one else can match.

Age of Reptiles offers several program formats for any occasion. The most popular is the Free Standing Multi-Cage All-Day Display, attended to by Ed Stone and an experienced reptile handler. Dr. Stone and his assistant entertain the audience on a continuous schedule by creating Close Encounters of the Scarey Kind that fascinate and excite the public by allowing them to interact with the reptiles on an up-close and personal basis. All animals are carefully restrained and supervised for public contact, and proper hygiene is practiced at all times to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The thirty different species in the display include many of the common forms native to the Midwest, as well as many large and spectacular exotics from all over the world. This type of display is ideal for Festivals, Fairs, Campus Family Weekends, Company Picnics and Open Houses, and any other casual event in which the public comes and goes on a continuous basis. Lectures with a slide show on the biology and natural history of reptiles, as well as other more specialized topics, are also available for nature centers and schools, and can be tailored to tie in with the curriculum.

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Ed Stone DVM


Herpetologist and Veterinarian Ed Stone. has been breeding reptiles and entertaining audiences with them at events all over Wisconsin for the past thirty years. He has also worked extensively with the Wisconsin Herpetological Society and with the WI-DNR in conservation measures that resulted in the passage of laws and regulation changes that protect Wisconsin herpetofauna from habitat destruction and exploitation.

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